The Best Minimalist Backpacks for Work: Our Top Picks

best minimalist backpack for work - man getting his backpack ready for work

If you’re like me, my laptop is seemingly attached to my hip at all times. Working remotely requires me to carry my computer with me almost everywhere throughout the day. This also means that I need to have a backpack or laptop case for not only my actual computer, but the wires and gadgets that go along with it.

So, does having a bag that’s practical mean it has to be a big, clunky eyesore? Absolutely not! There are so many beautiful backpacks and laptop cases out there that are also super functional.

Below, I’ve gathered a list of some of the best minimalist backpacks for work that will hold your stuff and travel well, while also keeping fashion in mind.

The Friendly Swede

The first backpack on my list has so many wonderful features to it, it is hard to keep track of all of them! The backpack is made from waterproof tarpaulin, which is not only super practical but completely eco-friendly.

The waterproof, dry backpack was created primarily for city dwellers and keeps fashion and aesthetic appeal in mind. It is extra lightweight, coming in at 1.5lbs. and minimalistic in design, doing away with all the extra cords, straps and accessories that just leave you lugging around a bunch of extra and unnecessary weight.

The backpack also comes with a 13” laptop pocket on the inside for easy transportation of your computer and multiple zippered pockets on the outside for charging cables, notepads, pens; you name it! The black and white color scheme of this beautifully designed bag certainly adds to its minimalistic vibe.

Although, if black and white isn’t your thing, it comes in a variety of other colors. The pockets on the outside are a bit tight, however, the inside pocket makes up for any storage space lost on the outside. Add in the 3-year warranty and waterproof material and seems and this baby has got you covered every day and into the future!


This next backpack is great for workplace settings because of its upscale, clean look that would definitely pair well with business casual attire.

Talk about modern and minimalistic! The bag is made from a scratch, tear and water-resistant polyester, that will keep your valuable technology dry and free from damage. It’s plush design on the shoulder straps add tons of comfort for your back.

Similar to the one before, this backpack weighs only a pound and a half and comes with a super spacious interior pocket and a built-in laptop sleeve that can fit a 15” laptop. It also has an added bonus with an interior iPad pocket.

We all know that carrying just one device around with you is mostly in the past, so it is a really nice added feature to keep your iPad safe from potential damage.

This bag has even more storage space on the outside with two front zipper pockets and one side pocket for an umbrella or water bottle.

One of my personal favorite features on this bag is the hidden pocket located on the back that’s big enough to store your laptop or other valuables.


If you’re looking for a backpack that is primarily for toting around your computer and its accessories, look no further than this super futuristic-looking option. The sleek design comes with a brand new MoonLock opening system that is zipper-less and allows you to get to your things faster.

This backpack features one main pocket that is loaded with little pockets and straps to hold your pens, notebooks, and chargers. The MoonLock opening system also acts as an anti-theft feature coupled with the construction of the bag which is made out of single sheet durable shell.

It makes it virtually impossible for thieves to access your stuff, at least not without you becoming aware that someone is trying to get into the bag! I can’t think of a better design to have for a bag that will be carrying some of your most valuable items.

If you are a digital nomad who often works from home or in coffee shops, this bag can also be flipped over to become your own mobile work station.

A great place to rest your wrists on while typing or a small table to set your computer, the LIO backpack is perfect for your remote “office.”


This brand needs no explanation. Carhartt is a beloved and trusted brand that makes outdoor gear, apparel, and workwear. So, you can bet if they make a backpack, it’s going to be super durable and practical for everyday use.

This backpack looks like it is built for the outdoors and adventures but remains simple and minimalistic in its execution. It’s made of sturdy canvas with a water-repellent coating that will protect your valuables from the elements.

The large main compartment comes with a padded laptop pocket and separate iPad sleeve. It also has two smaller zippered pockets in the front of the bag for items such as cables, snacks or those business cards you’ve been meaning to pass out! Comfort is not overlooked with this bag either.

The shoulder straps are contoured to fit the shape of your shoulder and the back is made of a padded air mesh panel for added coziness.

With a great warranty in place and strong brand recognition, you’re sure to be in good hands with this product!


Kopack is another brand that is fairly well known for making high-quality products. This backpack’s main feature is its anti-theft laptop pocket that is located on the backside of the bag and can fit a 15” computer.

It sits flush against the users back so it is more protected than if it would be in a larger, more visible pocket. The bag certainly has a technology-forward design, as one of its other huge features is a detachable USB cable that connects to an external power bank located on the side of the bag.

It is perfect for when you need an extra charge for your phone or tablet. However, it is worth mentioning that the power bank is not included with the bag, so you will have to purchase that separately.

Organization won’t be a problem with this sleek-looking bag! The pocket on the inside comes equipped with plenty of slots and pockets for your smaller items so everything won’t be rolling around in one larger compartment.

It also features a convenient strap on the side panel of the bag for hanging your sunglasses or earphones on when you’re not using them. The material is made of a tough, scratch resistant oxford that will ensure longevity of the bag and will maintain its beautiful, monochromatic look.

Best Minimalist Backpacks for Work: Our Buyer’s Guide


Obviously, with anything you buy, it’s advisable to choose a reputable brand that will have your back in more ways than one.

Buying from a well-known and established brand will often guarantee that they have good customer service and will offer some sort of assistance if an issue arises with your product.

On that same note, buying from a good brand also means that you are getting a quality product and are unlikely to have to replace it or get it fixed anytime soon. Of course, sometimes with better brands comes higher prices which brings me to my next point in our buyer’s guide.


Setting a price point that you’re comfortable with before doing your research on a minimalist bag is important. It helps to narrow down your choices to make the decision less overwhelming.

There are so many great bags out there for different price points that offer various features. Higher priced bags can come with some benefits, however, such as more durable materials, more versatile features and a comfortable design.

So, you need to decide which features you can’t live without and those that you can leave behind. Once you decide that, it becomes apparent what price range you’ll have to stick to in order to get exactly what you want.


This also goes along with my previous point of setting a price limit. Every purchase you make comes with a set of wants and needs that have to be met in order for the purchase to be worthwhile.

So, what features would you be looking for in a backpack that will be used for the workplace? Do you need ample room for all of your gadgets and accessories? Is organization important to you with added slots and smaller pockets to keep your items in place? Do you desire a bag that has features included that focus on comfort for the user?

All of these are questions you need to figure out before taking the plunge and purchasing the perfect minimal work bag.

Closing It Out!

So, there’s my list of the best minimalist backpacks for work. All of these bags are great options and offer so many great features that cater to the working person’s needs.

Whether it’s a padded laptop pocket, little pockets within to hold all of your accessories or the ability to be used as a mobile work station, each one of the backpacks on this list is guaranteed to be a hit.

Let me know what you think of the list in the comments or if you own one of these bags, feel free to share your thoughts on the product!