Our Faves: The Best Minimalist Coffee Tables You Can Find!

Minimalist coffee table in living room

The coffee table has become a prominent feature in the 21st-century living room. As such, there are myriads of options available to buyers, making it simultaneously easier and harder to find the perfect one for yourself.

On the one hand, you could walk into any furniture store and go home with the table that caught your eye. You could also have it delivered to you from an online vendor. On the other hand, you could be getting a hideous table that does nothing for you.

What I’m saying is, even though it is fairly easy to get your hands on a coffee table these days, it is still as difficult, probably more now, to find the perfect coffee table. Now, you see why we had to do this blog post? That’s what we’re here for!

That is why today, we’ll be running through the best minimalist coffee tables available on the market.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Cocktail Table

This coffee table sits pristinely in any living room it is used. Made from veneers, wood, and engineered wood, its dark brown finish shines its own light into your living room décor.

You can also keep magazines, keys, books, and the likes in the extra storage space provided by the lower shelf. When you also consider the canted peg legs and low-riding, simple look, you see an intentional attempt by the manufacturer to go retro, bringing back mid-century minimalism. Besides, your living room could use the new conversation piece anyways.

Ashley Furniture Industries might have outdone themselves on this one, with their glowing reputation in categories like home furniture, lighting, rugs, accessories, and mattresses. The table comes with an assembly guide from the manufacturer accompanied with the tools and extra hardware you need to piece it together.

IWELL Mid-Century Coffee Table

There is no way you are having a conversation about the best minimalist coffee tables without this vintage piece coming up. The canted legs and simple wood finish retain the retro look synonymous with “mid-century modern.”

By the way, check out our article on mid-century modern bedside tables, if you’re in the market for one of those!

IWELL uses high-quality particle board material to manufacture this coffee table, giving it extra longevity of service. The smooth surface is also a joy to behold and can be easily maintained by simple cleaning.

It has a lower shelf where you can keep stuff so that your table’s surface is free from clutter. Assembling this coffee table should not prove too difficult as the parts are intelligently organized and labeled boldly.

Because this table weighs only 34.1lb for all its sturdiness and is immune to water damage, it can be moved around the house depending on the occasion. It can also serve as an entryway table, buffet table for your parlor parties, or whatever creative way you can think of.

Casual Home Coffee Table

This mid-century design table adheres to the minimalist coffee model like no other on this list. It has a simple, solid wooden structure built over four angled legs. The two-tone finish makes it blend with a wider variety of interior décor.

This model is also very easy to assemble. It does not require any tools or extra hardware to piece together. You simply turn the legs like a knob until it screws tightly in place. It also has a spacious surface to hold a few of your daily essentials.

The Casual Home 563-21 coffee table weighs only 15.4lbs, so you can easily move it around your living room until you find the position that works for you.

WoodShine Coffee Table

Another unique design coffee table. WoodShine uses sturdy rubberwood to build a durable, flexible, and environment-friendly table for you. It is flexible because not only can it serve as your coffee table, it can also double as a cocktail table, end table, office table, and anything else you could need it for.

Assembly can be a problem, especially when the table has parts that you might not be familiar with beforehand. Thankfully, it comes with a detailed assembly manual for anyone with basic literacy.

The unfamiliar part we mentioned earlier is the open shelf that hangs down from the table. It safely stores books, magazines, among other things. The item holding side is a little wider than the opposite side, making it more trapezoidal than it is rectangular. Another unique feature, by the way.

It is also the kind of table that would fit in perfectly with a Japanese or Scandinavian influenced minimalist décor.

Stone and Beam Culver Reclaimed Industrial Wood Coffee Table

One for the environmentalists, this minimalist coffee table was crafted using a reclaimed wood top and stainless steel at the base. It infuses the modern and industrial applications of steel casting with the retro feel of unpolished wood from the middle ages.

This vintage table is pretty solidly built and also easy to assemble. It is the kind of table that stays with you as long as you want it around.

It is also pretty easy to maintain as a simple wipe with a soft dry cloth is enough for all its cleaning needs. Stone and Beam also provide a 30-day free return and a three-year warranty on the table.

The one drawback of the table is that it is heavy – if that is an issue for you. Its weight is not comparable with any other table previously mentioned on this list, as it weighs over 100lb – good luck lugging that around in your living room. But if you don’t expect to be moving your table about much or you have a roommate, nothing should stop you from getting this coffee table.

Stone and Beam Industrial Pallet Wood Coffee Table

If you liked the previous coffee table but were put off by the weight restrictions, how would you feel if I told you that there was another heavy option but with wheels? Yeah, this one does.

What we have here is a rustic, low profile coffee table on wheels! Other than its metals wheels, the rest of the table is made from reclaimed fir wood. This accounts for over 80% of the table.

The tables arrive assembled, so you have it ready for use from the get-go. It weighs a generous 115 lbs and is suited for indoor use only. The lower shelf allows you to store your magazines, books, and remote controllers away from sight and prevent cluttering up your table.

Like the other Stone and Beam table on the list, it comes with a 30-day free return period and three years warranty.

Best Minimalist Coffee Tables: Buying Guide


This might be the singular most important factor to consider when you got out to buy a table. The ideal table should not dwarf the surrounding seating, and it should still leave enough space to navigate freely through the room. You’ll need around 2 to 3 feet between the edge of the table and the supporting furniture.

Also, for a smaller apartment, a circular table fits better since it is easier to navigate around compared to a rectangular or square table.


This is the question of how you want to use your table. A table that you want to use while you live alone might not cut it when you have someone move in, or you begin to have children. Materials have different degrees of durability, a property that no one knows better than the manufacturers.

The most durable materials, like solid wood and steel, sell at higher prices than particleboard materials. That’s the way the market works! But you don’t have to be discouraged. Not everyone intends to have a 300 pounder sit on their coffee table.

If you also need space for storing books, game consoles, or remote controllers out of sight, a table with a lower shelf or drawer would do for you. If you don’t need the extra space, no need to pay more for it!

Spare yourself the extra cost if it’s a feature that you can do without! Go for what suits your needs!


For all the talk about function and durability, you still have to get a table that you can be proud to showoff. In the name of sturdiness and durability, don’t buy a table that looks doesn’t fit in with your decor, or an ugly one for that matter.

In my case, it was an extraordinarily bland table that no one noticed in my apartment until I steered the conversation in its direction. It wasn’t like there was much to say about the table, either. In the end, it never became more than “just a table I bought.”

My Final Thoughts…

Now that you know the best minimalist coffee tables available on the market, especially for those into vintage, retro, mid-century designs, I hope that you won’t go back to buy a table that you might end up returning or putting up with. A coffee table is meant to be enjoyed, not endured.

Any of the tables listed above will do more than okay if you see that it ticks your boxes, as they are also reasonably priced. If not, the information we have shared should be sufficient to help you make the right choice.

Anyways, let me see what you think below in the comment box. I always look forward to your feedback.