The 5 Best Minimalist PC Cases Out There!

Minimalist Computer Case

If you’re building a computer, you definitely need a PC case that can house your carefully selected components. You might think anything can work, but that’s not the case. The proper PC case will ensure the safety and life of your expensive components.

Being a minimalist at heart, I don’t need the flashy lighting or the over-the-top design. A computer case should serve its purpose, without adding visual clutter. And of course, if you agree, you also know that minimalist design is sleek and stylish without being gaudy.

Here I have chosen some of the best minimalist PC cases for your convenience. Let’s look at some of the available options:

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darkFlash Micro ATX Mini ITX Tower MicroATX Computer Case

This one is a cost-effective option that will provide a decent cover to your PC. The door opening design makes assembling easy. The design is tool-free; you don’t need screwdrivers to assemble or disassemble the parts.

A tempered glass door provides easy access and view to your components. The cover has an excellent cooling channel and allows you to install as many as 6 fans for the safety of your expensive processor.

The cover comes with a removable hard drive rack that you can easily fix or remove. If you are building a gaming rig, you need a water cooler, or the powerful processor will put out enough heat to harm your system.

This minimalist cover allows you to install both water and air coolers giving you better flexibility. The cover features multiple holes so that the chassis looks tidier and better arranged. The front panel also features an understated, fractal design that lends itself perfectly to the minimalist aesthetic.


  • Tool-free assembling.
  • Glassdoor provides easy access.
  • Spacious enough to allow air or water cooler.
  • Available in black, white and pink colors.
  • Terrific cable management.


  • It’s a bit limited if you want to make upgrades or alterations.

Phanteks PH-EC416PTG WT Eclipse P400 Steel ATX Mid-Tower Case

This one is a reliable option from Phanteks and comes with a sturdy exterior. Its full metal body with steel exterior makes it durable enough to last many upgrades. With a tempered glass side panel, the case offers a stunning minimalist look.

The covers come with ten-colored RGB downlight + RGB Powerlight with an on/off switch. It offers you an option of upgrading to internal RGB lights if you so choose.

The Phanteks Eclipse P400 provides optimal airflow to cool off your system. It features 120mm fans both in front and rear and also supports water-cooling radiators. The magnetic dust filters in cover keep your components cleaned. Not only does it offer better cable management, but it also provides room for an additional cable.


  • Mid-tower ATX case.
  • Features front and rear fan for eliminating heat buildup.
  • Drop and lock brackets for easy assembling.
  • Removable HDD cage for installing the water pump.
  • An additional cable compartment.


  • Bit expensive than the previous option.
  • RGB lights may seem excessive to a minimalist enthusiast.

Cooler Master MasterBox Q500L

Cooler Master’s MasterBox Q500L offers a highly compact layout for your motherboard and PSU. It supports standard ATX motherboards and PSUs, with a body depth of 386 × 381mm.

The case offers room for two fans and a radiator in front, rear, and bottom, allowing you to install as many as 6 fans to keep your systems cooled.

With two drive bay support and a 6-orientation chassis, you can move the I/O panel to six different locations. For fully utilizing the internal space, the PSU is positioned on the front of chassis, or you can relocate it according to your preference.

Its easy-to-install magnetic dust filters keep your system cleaned. With all these wonderful features combined with a sleek look, it is an excellent minimalist cover to house your powerful components. Let’s not forget the awesome geometric design on the front panel too!


  • Available in different sizes.
  • Allows you to install six fans.
  • Magnetic dust filters make cleaning easy.
  • Supports two combo drive bays.
  • I/O panel can have six orientation positions.


  • Bit expensive.
  • USB cable and audio cable head connectors are not secure inside.

Raidmax Magnus Z23 FullTower Computer Gaming Case

This one is a full tower computer case that is specifically designed for gaming. The cover is spacious enough to allow you to connect cables easily. The venting slots also run the entire length of cover provides better airflow.

Its sleek and minimalist design has a neat presence with well-defined compartments for adjusting your components. The easy assembly only requires that you hook up the motherboard to its built-in wiring, and it is ready to go.

It also comes with one powerful ARGB fan, and there is enough space for liquid cooling options. The tempered glass side window allows for easy installation and management. The full tower case comes in both black and white color options.


  • Full tower case.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Comes with 140mm ARGB fan.
  • Allows many upgrades.
  • Plenty of airflow.


  • Too big if you have a Mini ATX system.
  • Does not comes with a slot for a CD drive.

CORSAIR Carbide SPEC-Omega Mid-Tower Gaming Case

If you don’t need a full tower case then you should consider this one. It’s a Mid-Tower gaming case that has an asymmetrical, angular design that looks elegant and at the same time minimalistic enough to suit your taste.

The tempered glass panel allows your hardware to show through, but it also makes assembling a breeze. The cover comes with two 120mm fans for keeping your system cool. It is specifically designed to allow fresh airflow to pass through your components.

The cover gives ample room for an upgrade. You can even install a liquid cooling radiator if you need one. Putting together your PC becomes easy with its removable side panels.


  • Mid-Tower Gaming case.
  • Comes with powerful fans.
  • Spacious enough to install the liquid cooling radiator.
  • Removable side panels.
  • Direct airflow path.
  • Neat and easy cable management.
  • Great for someone who still wants the RGB lighting, but at a much more simplistic, minimalist aesthetic


  • Could be considered a bit flashy for minimalist taste, but it looks great if you ask me

Minimalist PC Case: A Buyers’ Guide

Lots of things should be considered when you’re looking to buy a PC case. Obviously, the functionality should be a higher priority than mere aesthetics. So knowing what you need first will help you make a better purchase. Here are a few things you should consider before you buy a PC case:

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The size of the case matters a lot. You need a case that not only accommodates all your components but also has ample room for installing fans and even cooling radiator too (if you need one).

Generally, PC cases are divided into four categories: Short form, Mini Tower, Mid Tower, and Full tower. Obviously the size of the case should be based on your motherboard dimensions.

Besides the motherboard, the GPU and CPU cooler are affected by the size of the case. Further, you should go for a bigger one if you are planning to upgrade or install liquid cooling radiators later on down the road.


Modulation is becoming popular because of the ease it provides in assembling. You don’t have to spend much time figuring what goes where. The trays, mounts, and covers give flexibility for customization.

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

You need to figure if you want a cover with a power supply unit. PSU is an important component of your PC, and you need a powerful unit if you are investing a lot in a gaming setup.

You can only trust a PSU from a reliable source. So if you are buying a cover with PSU, make sure it is a good fit for your other hardware.


Your cooling options are some of the most important factors in your custom PC build, and it should not be taken lightly. The case should not only allow plenty of airflow to pass through its components, but it should be spacious enough to allow you room for mounting other fans or cooling radiators if you need to.

Cable Management

If you’re a minimalist at heart like me, the last thing you want to see is messy cabling. And if you’re REALLY like me, you don’t want to see the cables at all! This is where cable management comes handy. Some of the latest models provide extra space for additional cables. So make sure you choose one with the best options.

Build Quality and Design

Many flashy and futuristic designs are available, but they often go overboard with the RGB lighting and vibrant colors. We’re not totally against RGB, but it can get to be too much!

But, if you are a minimalist, you would want things neat and simple. The case should serve its purpose without completely cluttering your space visually. After all – that’s the very principal of what you would consider a minimalist pc case.

At the same time, you are investing so much into your hardware and should not compromise over the quality at all. Make sure to cover has a metallic build, which lends itself to greater durability.


And last, but certainly not least, is the pricing. You don’t need to spend more than your budget allows. A decent and durable PC case can be bought while staying within budget. All you need to do is to fix a price amount and look for the perfect PC case while staying within the price range.

Final Thoughts…

Buying a PC cover seems easy, but you need to be careful of all aspects from size to cooling, looks to the durability. We have collected some of the best minimalist PC cases that are reasonably priced and offers great functionality. Choose one that seems to suit your needs the best. Happy building!