Our Faves: The Best Minimalist Flip Clocks Out There!

retro minimalist flip clock

If you prefer to check the time without feeling without some big round thing staring back at you accusingly, then you’ve found the right article. We live every day with the notion that time is not on our side. But when we’re staring over at that clock, contemplating whether to get out of the bed at least we can have a clock that’s nice to look at. We will live our lives checking the time and trying to make sure it does not outwit us. It is essential that we do so in style!

This is why I present to you, the five best minimalist flip clocks. Without foregoing function and efficiency, you can also have form and a modern aesthetic. The list starts here:

1. WonderZoo Wall Gear Clock

How about we start with my personal favorite? The WonderZoo wall gear clock is one of its kind with a vintage look and minimalist form. It is noiseless and fit for anywhere you prefer to hang it. Your kitchen, office, home, or bar, this flip clock fits in effortlessly.

Its visible moving gears give it extra pizzazz that you just don’t find on any other clock. The self-driven ornamental gear is powered by a quartz movement, making it precise. A simple drawback with this clock is that the month gear is not self-driven, so you have to change that once every month. Not too much trouble in my opinion.

This minimalist flip clock has a simple and original design, and with its stainless steel body and other metal parts, it is a timepiece that you can hand down to future generations. It has the retro look on lockdown already.

The WonderZoo is easy to assemble, and the clock can also track hours, days, and even months of the year intuitively; and there are no batteries required. Check it out!

Dimensions: 16 x 15 x 6″

2. WonderZoo Bamboo Auto Flip Down Desk Clock

Since all of us can’t be into the same things, the list continues.

If you are looking for something minimalist without losing the efficiency that the elaborate clocks are known for, then this WonderZoo Bamboo clock is for you. It is undoubtedly one of the best minimalist desk clocks you can find.

If you are into vintage designs and retro clocks, then you’ll find that this Bamboo flip down clock is a marvelous combination of the contemporary and classics. With its bamboo frame, it is environmental, natural, and fits into the decoration of your sitting room, study, or kitchen.

The WonderZoo Bamboo clock’s auto flip requires batteries to work, and the numbers are easy to read, so you need not worry about that.

Also, because of its minimalist design, the clock takes little or no space at all. What more do you need?

Dimension: 5 x 3 x 3 ”       

3. Betus Retro Clock

A super classic mechanical digital minimalist flip clock inspired by the split-flap display seen in old train stations. You can be sure that you have a clock that will catch the eye of anyone who enters your space. The stainless steel frame and ABS cards are indicators to the durability of this flip clock.

Also, because of the quartz oscillator, you are never one second late as this clock keeps time accurately. The design of the Betus Retro clock is a unique one that fits perfectly into your home décor.

It also has a mounting hole, so this is not just a desk clock. No one can stop you from placing it on your desk either – versatility. The Betus Retro Clock also spares you from straining your eyes. The large numbers make it easy to read from across the room.

It is a rugged clock with more metal than plastic parts. It has a 12-Hour AM/PM display and is powered by 1 x D battery. This clock also comes with a one-year free replacement warranty. This is another one of my faves!

Dimensions: 14 x 5.5 x 3.5 ”

4. WonderZoo Auto Flip Down Stainless Steel Clock

Our fourth choice for you is a unique one. Shaped like a bicycle, with a vintage, retro style, this flip clock delivers something you may not find in other minimalist flip clocks: style and function. It is a silent clock suitable for the office and modern living rooms. Its unique, yet not so in-your-face design makes it the best option for your minimalist space décor.

This bicycle clock has a 12-Hour AM/PM display, with a flip down movement for both minutes and hours. The time adjustment is operated by a gear. If you haven’t been paying attention before, do now. Don’t touch the minute or hour hands; you might just spoil your clock!

The flips are not difficult to read as they are made large enough for the average person to see from across the room. It runs on a 2 x AA battery which is easy to install, seriously. The clock is stainless steel and has silver hands both on the hour and the minute flips.

It is great for public places, bars, coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, and your home. It is also a great conversation piece and trust me when I say that that this clock will absolutely complement your decor if you are into the modern – but minimalist – aesthetic.

Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 2.5 ”

5. WoneNice Retro Digital Flip Down Clock

The fifth and final one of the list is not in any way inferior to the ones that have come before. If anything, this WoneNice clock is a piece that you should not live without. Designed by the Dutch designer Will Vanden Vos, this clock does not display time like the regular digital clock. Instead, it rocks a sporty scoreboard display.

That is only one of many things that makes it unique. With its precision quartz movement, the WoneNice flip down clock keeps time accurately without making as much as a sound in protest.

It also has a retro design that is suitable as a gift item. The clock features a 304 Stainless steel frame and environmental ABS cards. It uses a 1 x D battery, preferably a carbon-zinc battery not an alkaline battery.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t have this clock. It is the grand, unique and uncommon minimalist flip down clock that you’ve been looking for.

Dimensions: 6.5 x 2.8 x 8.1″

A Quick Buyers Guide: Flip Clocks!

Like any other item, buying a minimalist flip down clock may not be as easy you think. Of course, some may see it as a simple task and go out on a limb to buy a timepiece that works for them. But if you don’t want to end up wasting money, you must know what to look out for before purchase and mount it on your wall.

Below is a list of some of the things that you need to look out for before filling in or swiping your credit card for that clock:

Consider Your Needs

This may seem like a natural thing to do, but then, most of us fail to give it the attention it deserves; most times, regrettably. When getting your clock, consider what you need. Do you need something with big numbers? Do you prefer it quiet and noiseless? Will it be mounted on a wall, or it will rest on a flat desk? Is the alarm feature necessary or you just want to check time? All these translate to the strain the clock will put on your pocket, so why pay for a feature you can live without?.

Consider The Location

There are different clocks for different places. Although the ones we have listed above happen to be very fluid, it is not so for all clocks. You may want to be sure of where you want to put your clock. If you need it for your study, that means you may not necessarily seek out one that you can mount on the wall. A desk clock will do just fine.

Consider Your Taste

Though this may not be as important as the three earlier mentioned, it is good that you seek out something that you can live with when you go out to buy a clock. The ball is in your court!

Final Thoughts…

Getting the right clock might seem like a big deal already after reading all that we have written above. But really, it isn’t. There are ways to it, and that is what I have provided for you in the article above. If you are feeling adventurous, you can use the information here to look for the clock that fits you. You can also choose from the five minimalist flip down clocks if you trust my judgment. Now to a saying as old as time itself, “time waits for no man.” No, go get that clock!