Our Picks for the BEST Minimalist Office Chairs!

Top view of a workplace in a modern office. A white table, black leather chair. Laptop, writing pad for notes and a cup of coffee are on the table. Concrete floor. Office interior. 3D rendering.

In the world today, we don’t talk a lot about sitting until you have a problem with this seemingly simple task. It is common knowledge that most day jobs have you sitting down in front of a computer, typing words or figures, statistics, and memos.

Some people do their jobs from the comfort of their home while others travel long or short distances to get to work every day. However, as relaxing as getting your work done from a chair behind a desk might sound compared to manual labor jobs, the wrong chair might make it uncomfortable for you to work at all.

That is why we have given you this list of the five best minimalist office chairs for your work and relaxation. Enjoy!

Porthos Home Office Chair

Our first choice for you is a unique minimalist chair with a chic, mid-century modern design. This chair can go a long way in boosting your productivity at work.

Also, this Porthos chair comes with smooth-running castor wheels and a 360-degree swivel. You can adjust the seat’s height with one push of the lever. This gives you all the freedom you need, turning in all directions smoothly so that you are always conscious of your surroundings.

This minimalist chair also pays great attention to benchmarks for sitting ergonomics. It has a padded, curved seat, and the backrest gently curves to support you in all the right places, so you have all the comfort you need. The design of our first choice for you is a stylish combination of stainless steel and wood. A wooden seat and a backrest upholstered in water and stain-resistant fabric, this is complemented with shiny stainless steel legs. With all this in one single minimalist office chair, what more is there to ask for? I say go for it!

Flash High Back Office Chair

This magnificent executive office chair is the second name on our list for many reasons. This leather chair is all you need to have an enjoyable experience at work. It has a padded seat with a seat depth of about eighteen inches. The seat and the back are upholstered in ribbed LeatherSoft upholstery: leather and polyurethane. In simpler terms, it means it allows for additional softness and durability.

It also has built-in shiny aluminum arms and a polished coat hanger bar on the back. You see what we mean when we say this is all you need? However, that’s not all. This chair also has all sorts of control so you can have a self-customized sitting experience.

A dual paddle control mechanism under the seat gives you many adjustment options. Together with all this, the Flash Furniture high back office chair is padded with CA117 fire retardant foam. The chair also possesses a polished aluminum base and dual-wheel casters, which makes it easy for your chair to glide across the floor. Comfort and aesthetics got married, and this chair is their offspring. You should have one in your home and office.

Younbo Office Chair

Do you need a chair that speaks class, ergonomics, and durability? That is what the third name on our list guarantees you. The Younbo office chair is your kind of chair. Work has evolved over the years, and the chairs that we do the job in should also reflect that change.

Even though every office chair manufacturer promises it, Younbo actually delivers it. This chair is designed to support your back, prevent repetitive stress injuries, back pain, and other symptoms associated with sitting for prolonged periods.

It has many unique features that solve all your sitting problems. It has adjustable lumbar support and a recline feature that allows you to tilt your backrest posteriorly if you ever need to take a break.

Also, this chair comes with all the hardware and tools that you need for assembling it. It is also made from high-class environment-friendly faux leather that does well to improve the contemporary vibe of your office or workstation.

It is also waterproof and easy to clean. The Younbo office chair is a durable one, and you are sure to get value for your money on this one. And hey, here is a bonus for you. The chair can bear up to 450 pounds. So you can have a mountain fill in for you on a sick day and still have your chair intact when you come back.

Armen Living Daphne Office Chair

Our fourth choice for you is a cool and dare I say, cute chair.  With a truly minimalist design, the Armen Daphne will give you the kind of comfort you need while working.

Due to its small size, this chic design modern chair does not take much of your space. This chair features a walnut veneer finish seat and black Leatherette. It also boasts a cushioning that provides stability and comfort, while you turn in all directions on the 360° swivel that makes maneuvering the chair around the office easy.

Also, the black plastic caster wheels added to the bottom of a chrome-plated steel base and adjustable height gas piston makes it like a sort of vehicle for the office space. This chair blends a retro and modern design that does well to add a unique style to your home and workplace.

The Armen Daphne breaks from the norm of ordinary looking, boring office chairs. Also, the chair is straightforward to assemble as it has no confusing parts and does not require many tools. Assembling your Armen Daphne chair is not rocket science! This is the minimalist chair for you if you are seeking comfort and looking to turn a few heads at the same time.

Porthos Home Office Chair

Now to the final item on our list, you will soon understand why we saved the best for last. This ergonomic office chair has a contoured back and cushioned backrest and seat. It supports you in all the right places so that you stay comfortable even when you’ve been sitting for long hours.

It has an adjustable height so that you don’t strain your neck to work or look across from your desk. The 360° swivel on the Porthos home office chair lets you turn in every direction without ever leaving your seat.

What haven’t we mentioned? Yeah, it has a water and stain-resistant PVC upholstery, using this chair means saying goodbye to spotty chairs or leaving ugly marks on the floor surface. In this Porthos chair, you get to glide around the office floors in the Ferrari of office chairs, without skid marks. This is because of the nylon caster wheels that protect your floor.

Without question, this minimalist chair is what you need for your home or office. Now you see why we had to save it for last, eh?

Minimalist Office Chairs: Quick Buyers Guide

If you don’t know what you should look out for, there is a very high probability that you’ll end up getting the wrong chair. Then you are faced with two choices, brave it and live with your mistakes – a one-way ticket to the chiropractor’s waiting area – or you become a regular at the local furniture store. Here, we have provided for you a list of the things you should look out for before getting your office chair.

Fabric Type

All chairs are not the same! Chairs are made from different fabric materials. Before you take that chair home, make sure you check the upholsteries on various parts and make sure they suit your taste, whether that is leather or mesh.

Lumbar Support

Perhaps the most crucial feature you should look out for when you are buying an office chair. There is nothing worse than a pain radiating around your back and legs because of the wrong position a bad chair puts your spine in – especially when you have to work long hours. Most lumbar supports are height adjustable so that they can accommodate people of different builds.

The good ones have different depths too, so that they can match the lordosis of your lower back to offer the support it needs.


It might sound funny, but then it is the small things that we don’t pay attention to come back to hurt us. Armrests are essential for an enjoyable sitting experience. They are where you rest your arms when typing or when taking a break off work. All armrests are not the same. There are fixed armrests, there are height-adjustable armrests, and there are also fully adjustable armrests.

My Final Thoughts…

Sitting is more than just finding a place to p like a lazy cat. Seats have evolved from simple weight-bearing devices to more sophisticated, comfortable apparatuses. People literally work nine to fives on or around their chairs. For these people, just any piece of junk will not cut it.

That was why we provided the list above for you. Nobody looks forward to hearing Bob from accounting complain about his back pain and work stress on the elevator ride. Getting any of the chairs we have recommended above will be you doing your back a solid.

Or you could get any other one of your choice using the buyer’s guide, and we are sure you will walk home smiling. Good luck getting that chair!