5 Minimalist Computer Desks We Love! (Stylish + Functional)

Minimalist modern office desk and decor

Imagine waking up with the intent to immediately get into gear and start working for the day. Your PC is powered up, and ready to go. You sit down at your desk, and it’s totally cluttered with…stuff. Lots of stuff. Stressful, right?

Now, imagine taking on a more minimalist approach – more organization and no visual clutter. It’s a little more peaceful, right?

That is why we have decided to bring you the 5 best minimalist computer desks. These desks lend themselves to a more minimalist lifestyle with sleeker and streamlined design. Some of them come with vintage and Nordic designs, while others have c-shaped desk legs.

With one of these computer desks in your workstation or home, you get to work and relax at the same time. And the peak of it all; they all have minimalist designs. With these, you can’t help but want to stay organized. Without further ado, let’s dive right into it!

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1. VNEXT Rustic Wood Computer Desk

If you are looking for something strong and stylish at the same time, this desk is definitely for you. This vintage study table with clean wooden desk-top and heavy metal legs is suitable for your home or office workstation.

Its classic paint makes it waterproof and scratch-resistant. The desk is crafted from manufactured wood with solid wood veneers. With the weight-bearing capacity of at least 280lbs, this minimalist computer desk can bear the weight of not only your computer but also your printer, and several computer screens and desk organizers.

With all its charm and design, this minimalist desk takes only about 15 minutes to assemble. If you are looking for the best minimal computer desks out there, you found one in the BON AUGURE Rustic Wood Computer Desk.


  • Easy to assembly.
  • You can attach a keyboard tray at the bottom.
  • Strong metal legs
  • Simple and occupies less space


  • Does not have a smooth surface and finish.
  • The heavy metal legs makes it difficult to move around.


In search of something contemporary yet rustic and industrial to work on? You have found your heart’s desire in this vintage PC table. The FOLUBAN, with its oak color, was carefully designed to allow for functionality and aesthetics; beauty and form all in one desk.

With its minimalist design, it allows for a neat and clutter-free workspace; you do not need an extra room to place your FOLUBAN computer desk.  All hardware and assembly instructions are provided so you would need to go out of your way to make a mistake.

Its 1.58-inch thickness table-top and thick metal tube make this computer desk strong and firm. It has a weight capacity of more than 350lbs which allows you to place your computer, printer and every other accessory gadget on the desk without fear of collapse. This computer desk is all you need to achieve efficiency and also feel at ease while working.


  • Smooth surface you can write on
  • Sturdy and solid desk
  • Well packaged. Well made. Simple assembly.


  • The legs are fixed and not adjustable.

3. TRIBESIGNS Computer Desk

Working at a computer for long hours can make your workspace cluttered, especially if you are using notepads. However, this modern minimal computer desk was specifically designed to take away your stress and give you a clean workspace.

This TRIBESIGNS computer desk has a spacious desk-top that accommodates a computer, a laptop, and other things needed.

Aside from that, what makes the TRIBESIGNS unique are the two large storage drawers that the desk has. The storage drawers provide plenty of room to keep books, notepads, pens, and any other thing you need close to you while working. It is even big enough to keep your laptop while not in use. And that makes for the perfect minimal look – for me personally, if there is any way I can hide my desk electronics that’s exactly what I do!

This desk can be used for anything really; it can be your office desk today, your writing desk tomorrow and your study desk when you need to prepare for an exam.

The desk is sturdy and has ample legroom for you to relax while you work. This desk is what you need to keep up your minimalist design and still have enough room and space to work on!


  • Sturdy and strong; made of wood and metal.
  • Has two large storage drawers


  • Not so easy to assemble.

4. TRIBESIGNS Modern Simple Style Computer Desk

So, this one is my absolute favorite!

This exquisite desk comes with a clean, minimalist design and with an open-air style. With its sleek and contemporary look, the TRIBESIGNS Modern Computer Desk was designed just for your enjoyment! The desk has a metal frame and track-style legs to ensure robust stability and sturdiness; there is no fear of collapse no matter the load placed on it.

The desk is also waterproof and easy to clean. It has ample leg room that allows you to stretch freely and even switch from the left to the right side of the desk as you so desire.

This desk is one to serve many purposes. It is a great option for home-school students, college undergrads, and can also fit in your office or workstation. With sufficient space for a monitor, keyboard, router, gaming PC and your mouse; this desk allows you to work and play without switching rooms.


  • A lot of room on the desk.
  • Super strong.
  • Suitable for various functions and purposes.


  • Longer time to assemble.

5. Teraves Hago Modern L-Shaped Desk

You do not have to neglect beauty and style for space and function. With the Teraves L-Shaped desk, you get to keep both.

The desk with its wood and steel design gives your room a fresh and stylish look. It has a steel base and spacious wood top that can bear some weight and more – up to 450lbs to be precise.

This L-Shaped desk is modern, fashionable, and ingeniously designed to give artistic life taste. With this, you no longer have to work without joy! It has adjustable leg pads and foot-rest to allow you to have a more comfortable experience and also adjust the height to your taste.

It also has a powder-coated desk-top to prevent corrosion. This makes the desktop to be easier to maintain and clean. The Teraves L-Shaped desk has a round corner design that gives your room style and provides you with a corner wedge to save you some space.

This desk also comes with a sliding CPU stand under your desk. This minimal computer desk is made of P2 class particle board that makes it super durable and sturdy. In short, the Teraves is one of the best minimal computer desks you can find out there. It was made for you!


  • Easy to assembly.
  • Large desk-top space


  • L-sides are not switchable.

Minimalist Office Desks: Our Buyers Guide

When looking for that desk that will last you a long time and give you the comfort you need while you work, there are certain things and features that you should look out for before shelling out the cash.

Minimalist computer desks have been made to make life and work easier. Here are three things to do and look for in a desk:


Before you bring home that lovely desk, we advise that you are sure that it is the exact size you need. If you want a desk that can accommodate only your computer and a few notepads, then you can go for pretty much any desk you see.

However, if you seek something elegant with sufficient space for your PC, laptop, printer, notepads, and some extra space, then you may want to measure your workspace and compare with the desk that has caught your eye before you make the purchase.

Also, if you are using your desk not only for computer work but also for study, then make sure you get a desk with drawers where you can keep your books and other things you need around for when you need to study.


Design is as important as function nowadays. It is not only enough that your desk gives you space; it is also vital that it does not make your room look ugly. The style of the desk is left to you to choose but make sure you contrast it with your home or office decor. Beauty and form are what make minimalist desks desirable; do not get one while neglecting the other.


It is also essential that you consider where you want to put the desk. If you are buying a desk for your office, then you may want to get something that occupies less space and has a professional look to it, so you don’t become the weirdo with the funny looking desk. But if you are buying for your personal space, you can do as you desire.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, computer desks are designed to leverage your work space to the fullest. A GREAT computer or office desk is meant to make your work life easier! Leverage that with a minimalist style, and you’ve got the best of both worlds. Hopefully, the guidelines we provided above will allow you to make the right choice and grab the best desk you can find. Now, you can go online or to the furniture store and be assured that you are picking the minimal desk that fits your lifestyle.

Happy Shopping!


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