Top 8 Best Minimalist Watches Under $200!

Man wearing a minimalist watch

For people who understand style, you will agree with me that a wristwatch is not to be treated as just another accessory. When I meet you for the first time, one of the first things I notice is your wrist, right after I look at your shoes of course.

However, a minimal wristwatch is not judged on its flamboyance – life is not one long rap video. Instead, it is weighed by its subtle aesthetic appeal, together with its functionality. The absence of one or the other makes a watch unworthy.

That is why we’ve taken the time to compile a list of the best minimalist watches under $200 for you.

Michael Kors Mens Slim Runway Quartz Watch

When it is from Micheal Kors, I don’t think I need to talk it up much for you to know this is a unique watch. It comes with a simple, elegant design that simply knocks the ball out of the park. My personal suggestion would be getting this watch in black monochrome.

This watch comes with a two-year warranty and promises longevity with accuracy. It uses the Japanese Quartz movement mechanism, like most watches on this list. It is also water-resistant up to 165 feet.

It goes without saying that this watch is more suitable for shorter periods of exposure to water, as opposed to what you would have when diving or snorkeling.

Case Diameter: (42 mm)

Mens Personalized Speed Watches Collection

Now, this is a watch that oozes pure class. A watch made especially for you using brilliant color, multi-layer printing ECO-UV ink. This is a timepiece for all weathers and occasion.

It comes with a 316L surgical grade stainless steel casing material. It is both scratch and water-resistant; up to 100 feet. The watch uses the Japanese Miyota Quartz movement for exceptional precision and accuracy.

Also, its leather bands are made from durable, genuine calf leather built to stand up to the rigors of continuous use.

Case Diameter: (40 mm)

MVMT Classic Watches

This is a watch made with function and style highly prioritized over complexity and cost. These watches are made in Los Angeles, and they come with a two-year warranty. Two years!

It has three battery-powered hands running on the Miyota Quartz movement mechanism, giving it high accuracy and durability. The watch is waterproof, up to about 90 feet and 3 ATM. This is a dependable watch for everyday use, but you should avoid submerging it in water if you can.

Case Diameter: (45 mm).

Movado Edge Silver Leather Strap

This is a minimalist watch that rocks innovative design edge surface design! It has two elegantly designed hands that tell time with great accuracy.

Also, its black leather strap sets a nice undertone for the polished stainless steel tongue and buckle.

The watch is water-resistant up to 99 feet. Water-resistant means that it can withstand splashes or brief periods of immersion. It is not suitable for prolonged swimming, diving or snorkeling, so you do not end up with a watch with water under the glass.

Case Diameter: (40 mm).

MVMT Voyager Watches

The MVMT Voyager watch is a great time-piece from a watchmaker making a second appearance on this list. This watch operates on the Miyota Quartz movement mechanism, and it uses five hands to keep time.

The watch keeps time in multiple time zones with its double subdials, helping you keep track of the time at home wherever you might be in the world. It is also waterproof, up to 10 ATM and 300 feet. However, it better suited to short exposures to water instead of prolonged immersion.

Lastly, when a watch comes with a two-year warranty, someone is sure of what they are selling.

Case Diameter: (42 mm)

Fossil Mens Nate Watch

For stainless steel bracelet enthusiasts who have stuck it out until now, this one is for you. This is a watch that has multiple functions rolled into one-timer, stopwatch, and a date window. A chronograph.

The straps can be easily changed with any other 24mm Fossil watch strap using the quick release pin mechanism, giving you a dynamic, dependable look.

You also have a water-resistant watch here, up to 165 feet. At this point, you should know what to expect with a water-resistant watch, so I’ll spare you the usual warnings.

Case Diameter: (50 mm)

LEFF Amsterdam T40 Quartz Watch

If you ask me, this is a beautiful watch. If this list were in descending order, I’d have this watch at the top.

The T40 was designed by prominent Dutch designer, Piet Hein Eek while maintaining the traditional look of the LEFF Amsterdam watch face. It uses two hands to tell the time with the precision of the Japanese Quartz movement system.

Its leather straps can be easily swapped with other options available in NATO sand, green, or grey colors. It is water-resistant up to approximately 100 feet, and it comes with an international two-year warranty.

Case Diameter: (40 mm)

Bruno Magli Mens Roma Swiss Quartz Watch

This is a stunning watch to behold through glass or on your wrist. Unlike most other watches on this list, it uses a Swiss Quartz movement mechanism which is not so different from Japanese, except for the country of origin. It is high precision and tells the time with three hands.

It has 316L grade stainless steel case, with hardened crystal coating making it scratch resistant. It also comes with a durable, stylish Italian leather band. The watch was built to hold up to the rigors of everyday use, with a water resistance of up to 100 feet.

Case Diameter: (42 mm)

Minimalist Mens Watches: Our Buyers Guide


This is a quintessential factor in any watch you end up purchasing. A quality watch will set you back a few bucks, and so will a luxury watch. You have to ask yourself if the watch is worth the strain on your pocket. A chronograph will cost more than an ordinary analog watch, so why pay for it if you don’t need it? Except of course if that is what you are going for – the most expensive watch you can afford. Then go ahead and splash the cash!


Swiss Quartz, Japanese Quartz, Automatic, or Mechanical. A watch enthusiast would already know what he wants merely seeing this list.

Of course, the Quartz watches are more efficient and precise than the mechanical watches, but it still comes down to your taste. A young person like me would rather have a watch that you change the batteries once in a while instead of winding a mechanical wristwatch to get it to work, unless you just get a kick out of winding it of course.


Buying a watch from a trusted manufacturer is as important as finding the right watch for you. With a reputable brand, you can be sure to get warranty claims and returns if the watch has factory issues or got damaged in transit.

However, if you would prefer to go for a newer or less popular brand, you should go for one that engages its customers. This is a sign of a brand that is willing to improve its quality and will be ready to exchange defective purchases.


Why are you buying a watch? An athlete will find an analog wristwatch useless, while a scuba diver will be frustrated with a watch that goes haywire upon underwater immersion after a few minutes.

While some watches are very versatile, like a chronograph that comes coupled with a tachymeter, it cannot be for all occasions. So, your watch has to fit the purpose for why you are purchasing it.


So, there you have my picks for the best minimalist watches available under $200! These are incredibly fashionable, durable, and specific watches that I have handpicked for you. Now, you can step out in style with your simple, elegant watches with confidence and soak in the compliments.

I would also love to know what you think about this list. So please, use the comment box below if you have any suggestions, ideas or questions.