Top 10 Minimalist Womens Watches Under $100!

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Just because you live a life of minimalism does not mean you want to give up things like functionality, especially in your wardrobe. The whole idea behind minimalism is to make your life simpler and, hopefully, run a bit smoother.

So why would you want anything but the most efficient items in your closet? When it comes to looking your best, nothing screams “I have my stuff together,” quite like a smart looking minimalist wrist-watch.

However, to get a sleek, elegant wrist-watch does not mean that you have to break the bank. I’ve taken the time to put together a list of what I believe to be the top ten best minimalist womens watches under $100, because every lady should have one of these bad boys in their arsenal!

Michael Kors Michael Kors Women’s Stainless Steel Quartz Watch

Michael Kors is one of those well-known brands that is able to stand on its own without much explanation. If you’re buying a watch from this powerhouse fashion staple, you know you’re getting something of great quality.

But did you know that they’re also well-known for making simple, understated designs? This watch captures that aesthetic perfectly.

The wristwatch comes with a stainless-steel case and a sleek leather strap with an adjustable buckle for added comfort and versatility.

The beautiful three-hand analog display comes in a round face with quartz features. The watch is also water-resistant, so if you jump in the lake on a hot day and forget to take it off, don’t sweat it!

Case Diameter: 38mm

Anne Klein

This next watch gives an air of luxury without breaking the bank. The elegant, glossy black watch face is complimented by the rose gold toned markers and the beautiful round diamond that marks twelve o’clock. This watch features a jewelry clasp closure that is adjustable to fit almost any wrist size and comes with a link extender!

The face and the band are ceramic so they are durable and scratch-resistant. This watch will immediately elevate any look, while remaining simple in its design, perfect for your capsule wardrobe!

Case Diameter: 32mm


Minimalism truly meets function with this next watch on my list! The design of this product is meant for anyone that is looking to find that minimal aesthetic but still wants to be on trend with current fashion ideals.

Skagen, a designer out of Denmark, stays true to its minimalistic-forward, Scandinavian roots with this product.

The stainless-steel case contains a brushed dial surrounded by an in-laid ring with dot hour indicators. The band comes in a matching stainless-steel mesh material with a fold-over, adjustable clasp. There are also quick release pins located on the back that allow you to change the strap if you so desire.

Case Diameter: 38mm


This is perhaps one of my favorite watches on the list! The colors of this simple watch are so different than the black, golds, and silvers of most watches on the market today. The matte grey, leather strap coupled with the rose gold gives it a youthful yet classy feel.

The band has a buckle and several notches for a comfortable fit. The rose gold hour markers make it easy to quickly glance at the watch face and tell the time for maximum efficiency. It also comes with a two-year warranty just in case you need to replace it!

Case Diameter: 34mm


This next watch is another piece from Skagen. Like the one previously noted on this list, the design is Scandinavian in nature with its simple, clean lines and the forfeit of flashy features. This beautiful watch comes in a crisp white color and a 41 mm aluminum case.

The face features a sandblasted dial, linear and numerical indexes, two-hand movement and a sub-dial at the six o’clock hour that counts seconds. You’ll never be late again with this watch!

The band also comes in a silicon material with quick release pins so it is super durable and able to be mixed and matched to your liking.

Case Diameter: 41mm


You’ve heard the old adage that every woman needs a little black dress in her collection. Well, meet the little black watch, your next must have. This wonderfully elegant watch is part of the La Boheme collection and comes in a unique pressed metal all in black.

The strap is also a black leather, however, like many watches on this list, it comes with the ability to change out the strap to fit any mood or look you’re going for! The hour notches are accompanied by smaller, quarter hour notches for ease of use. Because of the sleek, black design, this watch can be dressed up or down without missing a beat.

Case Diamter: 38mm


Nothing captures the essence of minimalism quite like black and white designs. It captures the eye but not in a loud, chaotic way but in an understated, self-assured way. This watch, by the popular brand Swatch, is so interesting in its use of black and white colors, and I think it almost looks like it was inspired by pop art.

The case is made out of a plastic material while the inside of the watch face features a white dial with black hands all made out of acrylic crystal. The band is made from a black and white silicon with a buckle clasp.

The product is also backed by a two-year warranty but with the reliable Swiss quartz movement, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to make use of that.

Case Diameter: 45mm


This watch by MVMT is perfect for anyone that wants a little bit more of a classic look. It features a yellow gold-tone stainless-steel case with a silver stainless-steel mesh bracelet.

The face has hour index markers with an in-laid circle for the gold-tone hands to add a little bit of visual interest. This timeless watch also packs a huge punch when it comes to durability, something you might not guess just by looking at it. It is water resistant up to 165 feet! Definitely a watch that is for more elegant occasions, this is a staple that is a great addition to your minimalist wardrobe.

Case Diameter: 32mm

Abstrait LA

This is a minimalist watch that absolutely nails an edgy, sophisticated design. This brand is known for being art-inspired and this watch certainly adheres to that idea!

The face delivers a strong statement with its plain black look, only featuring a few hour indexes from twelve o’clock to three o’clock.

It comes with an interchangeable leather strap and a scratch-resistant mineral crystal glass design. The distinctive timepiece is perfect for any occasion, both casual and formal and will have your friends asking “where’d you get that” and “did it break the bank?”

Case Diameter: 42mm

Dakota Wood

The final watch on my list is unique from its predecessors in that it features a wood-lined face. It features a stainless-steel mesh band and the wood is a genuine white oak, which makes the timepiece super lightweight and sturdy.

However, with the case being made from wood, the watch is not water resistant, so be sure to remove this watch before you dive in to that pool!

This watch comes with a grey dial and silver mesh band or a black dial with a black mesh band. Versatile and unpretentious, this is perfect for any true minimalist at heart.

Case Diameter: 42mm

Minimalist Women’s Watches: Our Buyer’s Guide


Perhaps the most important thing to pay attention to when buying a watch is cost. Obviously, any wristwatch you purchase will be somewhat of an investment, so you have to decide how much you want to shell out for something that will hopefully last you for years.

Sometimes, a higher price isn’t really necessary when it comes to watches if you’ll only be using it as a fashion item. Different types of watches will be more expensive depending what mechanism they use to keep time.

Which brings me to my next point.


Analog versus chronograph. Japanese quartz, Swiss quartz, automatic or mechanical. Each instrumentation will affect how the watch operates and the upkeep required of the user.

Quartz watches are more effective and reliable than most other designs and only require a change of batteries every few years. However, they tend to be more expensive than mechanical watches. So, it all comes down to preference.


Are you buying a watch for a very specific occasion? Or are you buying it for everyday use? These are important questions to ask yourself when researching what watch you wish to purchase.

The best way to get the most out of your purchase is to buy a versatile watch that can be dressed up or down, although not everyone wants to wear something on their wrist every day.


Buying a watch from a brand you’ve never heard of can be a risk. You have no frame of reference for what their post-sale service will be like or the quality of the product. Most reputable brands will have a great warranty plan in place and will do their best to fix any issues that come up.

However, the more well-known the brand, the higher the price tends to be. Again, it all comes down to preference and what you are willing to spend. Check out the customer reviews before purchasing to get an idea of what your experience might be with the company you choose.

My Final Thoughts…

Wristwatches are a timeless piece that are essential to any wardrobe. Just because you’re a minimalist does not mean you’re exempt from this. I hope with my list, you’ll be able to find a beautiful, affordable watch to add to your collection and elevate your everyday looks!

What did you think of my list? Are there any watches you’d add to the list? Let me know in the comments below and happy shopping!