Mid-Century Modern Bedside Tables: The Best of the Best!

mid century modern bedroom

The consensus among minimalists and admirers of mid-century modern design is that aesthetics are equally as important as functionality. 

While elegant geometric shapes, organic flow, and natural elements are often sought, what good is a beautiful piece of furniture if practicality is compromised for form? (Especially if you embrace minimalism, and like to keep the amount of furniture in your home to a minimum.)

That’s why all of the pieces on this list prioritize simplicity, functionality and aesthetic appeal. Every table on this list harmonizes beauty with utility. If you are in the market for a side or end table that is both visually pleasing and pragmatic, it is likely that you will find what you’re looking for on this list. 

Note – ALL of these can be be used as accent tables or end tables in any area of your home. Get creative!

1. Frylr Nightstand

The first on my list is the Frylr Nightstand

This beautiful, light walnut and white end table combines sleek, stylish, midcentury modern design with convenient, contemporary features.

Simply wave your hand over the built-in infrared sensor and the top LED light will illuminate your living space with warm, soft light. Plus, the motion activated bottom lights allow you to find your way in the dark without having to search for a switch. 

The large single drawer allows you to store your nightstand necessities out of sight, yet conveniently within reach and its four adjustable legs are easily assembled without any special tools.

Made from a combination of wood veneer, hardwood, and MDF (medium density fiberboard), this gorgeous minimalist table is an aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly addition to your home.

Key Features

  • Top & bottom, 30 watt LED lights
  • Auto sensor hand wave control with 16 inch radius and 45 degree patent design 
  • Smart light board on bottom
  • Large single drawer
  • Four adjustable wooden legs
  • Materials: Wood Veneer, Hardwood, and MDF  
  • Dimensions: 19″ x 16″ x 21.5″
  • Table Weight: 27.4 lbs

2. STNDRD. End Table

Next on my list is the STNDRD. mid-century modern end table

This accent table embodies the epitome of minimalist mid-century modern design. 

Three natural, rustic, real bamboo legs bring natural elements inside, while the modern, white finished, round table top lightens and brightens the room without stealing focus. 

This high-quality, contemporary piece is simple, clean and elegant, and the light colors allow this side table to seamlessly integrate with a variety of interior decor styles and color schemes.

However, while this table is extraordinarily practical and versatile, the white MDF table-top is susceptible to scratches and stains. So exercising caution and care during use is important in maintaining its elegance and appeal. 

Packaged as a set of two, these stylish tables come ready to assemble, are a snap to set-up and only require the addition of a screwdriver to put together. 

The STNDRD. mid-century modern end tables are perfect for you if you are looking for a simple, lightweight, minimalist accent table to add to your space.

Key Features

  • 3 environmentally friendly, real bamboo legs 
  • Ready to assemble
  • Materials: MDF and Bamboo
  • Dimensions: 22.5” x 21.5” x 8”
  • Table weight: 21.4 lbs

3. WE Furniture Gold Mid-Century Modern Nightstand

While the previous two tables on my list were made almost entirely of wood, the 20″ Gold Mid Century Modern Nightstand is made from a combination of metal, wood, and laminate. 

This two surfaced, side table is accented with a sturdy gold frame and the durable, faux marble top has a UV coating that protects against moisture, and adds a high gloss, glam appeal to the unique, eye catching design. 

Perfect for your living room or bedroom, this multi-surfaced side table allows you to attain the marble look for less and the airy, open design makes the walnut finished, lower shelf perfect for storing a variety of small to medium-sized items such as books and plants. 

Key Features 

  • Two surfaces
  • Easy to assemble
  • Materials: Metal, Wood, and Laminate
  • Dimensions: 19” x 19” x  22”
  • Table Weight: 17 lbs

4. Manhattan Comfort Joy Series Bedroom Nightstand

Looking for an end table that offers stylish storage? Look no further than the Manhattan Comfort Bedroom Nightstand. This table has a warm, rich, oak finish that is combined with an open, off-white shelf and a large extending drawer. Offering a pleasing pop of color, the drawer is available in your choice of blue, off-white, red, or yellow. 

The open shelf allows you the ability to keep a variety of small items easily within reach or to showcase a few trinkets that you enjoy displaying within eyesight. The large, extending drawer neatly organizes your necessities while securely tucking them underneath, preserving the smooth, sleek design.

This table is made from high-quality, medium density particleboard and fiberboard, and its strong metal legs keep this table sturdy and stable.

While this nightstand requires a multi-step assembly process, detailed instructions are included. 

This practically designed piece allows you to remain organized, while adding an aesthetically pleasing accent table to any room. 

Key Features

  • One large extending drawer
  • Materials: MDF / MDP and Metal
  • Dimensions: 20.28” x 16.53” x 22.44”
  • Table Weight: 37.03 lbs

5. Simpli Home Harper End Side Table

The last table on my list is the Simpli Home Harper End Side Table.

This square, solid hardwood end table offers a contemporary twist on a mid-century modern design. It is quite unlike any of the other tables I’ve included on my list.  

This beautiful and versatile piece has a rich, walnut brown finish and is sealed with a premium NC lacquer that accentuates and highlights the uniqueness of the hardwood’s gorgeous grain. Curved, tapered legs give this end table a luxurious, organic feel and two large drawers add both style and a functional, storage solution. This table is large enough to top with a lamp and multiple other items, while being suitably sized to fit in a variety of living spaces. 

Made of solid rubberwood, this table is sturdy, durable, and heavy. It’s perfectly suited for a home with high energy pets or kids. 

And if you truly love the look of this side table, Simpli Home offers additional matching pieces that are part of a large collection of furniture including bookcases, storage spaces, and other practical pieces.

Key Features

  • Two large drawers
  • Handcrafted with care
  • Materials: Solid Rubberwood (Hardwood) 
  • Dimensions: 22” x 22” x 20” 
  • Table Weight: 46 lbs 

Buyers’ Guide 

While buying an end table may seem like a simple, straightforward endeavor, there are actually multiple factors and many options to consider when purchasing the perfect mid-century modern end table for your living space. This brief buyer’s guide touches on a few of the things that are important for you to consider. 


Tables can vary widely in the materials used to build them. They can also be made from a single material, such as those made from solid wood, or they could be constructed from a combination of different materials, such as wood, metal, and laminate. 

The materials used affect the sturdiness, durability and the weight of the table.

Materials are also important to consider if you are environmentally conscious, or are looking for furniture that’s made from renewable resources (such a bamboo) or that has minimal environmental impact.

Functions and Features

Tables vary in consisting of simply a single flat surface, to having multiple shelves or surfaces, to having built-in features such as storage capability, charging stations, and lights. When choosing a table, consider whether or not you are looking to maximize space with multiple surfaces and / or are looking to maximize functionality with features.

Size and Sturdiness

End tables vary in size from “just enough” for a couple of small items, to large, spacious surfaces. Size, materials used, and design all factor in to how sturdy they are. If you are living in a home with pets and children, you may want to consider a solid wood, or another sturdy option and if living in a small space, a more minimal option may be better fitting for you. 

Assembly Required 

Tables can vary significantly in the amount of time and effort it requires to put them together. 

Some tables are simple and straightforward, come ready to assemble with pre-drilled holes, and only require minimal steps to assemble them. While other tables may require additional tools, and / or require multiple, time-consuming steps.

Sometimes, they even come standard with everything needed to assemble them already included in the box, while others require the addition of specific or special tools. 

Before buying, you will want to consider the space you have, the specific tools required, and the amount of steps you need to take for your table’s assembly.

Final Thoughts…

Whether your main priority when choosing a minimalist, mid-century modern end table is elegance, simplicity or multipurpose use, we can agree that a piece should be both beautiful and useful.

While the tables on this list may differ in materials used, color, and overall design, all of them prioritize being both practical and aesthetically appealing. 

So whether you’re looking to add a table with out of sight storage space or a lightweight, unique design, any of the end tables on this list would be an awesome addition to your home and living space. 


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