10 Tips to Create a Minimalist Bedroom on a Budget (Wallet-Friendly!!)

Minimalistic bedroom interior

The benefits of minimalism extend far beyond aesthetic appeal alone. Better sleep, reduced anxiety, less stress, and better focus have all been linked to a more minimalist lifestyle. What if you could create a minimalist bedroom ON A BUDGET and still accomplish all those things?!?

That’s why your bedroom is an important place to prioritize! Your bedroom is often the place where you go to read, create, and study. Plus it’s the place you go when you want to retreat to a peaceful, calming space.

My list of 10 minimalist tips includes cheap bedroom ideas that will help you achieve the minimalist look and feel for less, along with helping you create a relaxing sanctuary for sleep.

1. Declutter 

An immediate, cost-free way to create a more minimalist aesthetic is to declutter. One of my favorite sayings about organization is a well known quote by The Minimalists.

The easiest way to organize your stuff is to get rid of most of it.”

The Minimalists

The less stuff you have, the more open space you will create, the less stuff you will need to store, and the easier it will be to create a minimalist bedroom. Plus, if you decide to part with anything that may be of value to someone else, you could sell it and either increase your budget for transitioning your bedroom, or save the money for something else.

Desire to declutter, but not sure where to start?

Our article titled 5 Minimalist Tips for Decluttering Your Home AND your life” details 5 tested tactics you can take to tackle your bedroom, or any other room in your home. 

2. Store your stuff out of sight 

minimalist bedroom on a budget - store your stuff out of sight

Another fast fix is to store your stuff out of sight. If even after you’ve decluttered, you still find yourself with things in stacks or piles, invest in a storage solution that keeps things out of view, but still easily within reach. A piece of furniture with drawers, such as a bedside table, is an easy way to achieve this. Also, assign every item a designated home. For example, keep your most used jewelry in a bowl that blends with the colors of the room. Designating specific spaces for your stuff will not only reduce stress and make finding your things easier, but it will add to the minimalist look and feel of your bedroom.

The owner of this space makes good use of a storage cabinet to hide any miscellaneous items. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

3. Choose a Minimalist Bed Frame

In most bedrooms, the bed is the focal point. So choosing one that lends to the minimalist aesthetic you are after is important. A frame-less, boxspring, or platform bed are great minimalist options. They’re raised, open and airy. 

If looking to create a more zen space, another option is to draw inspiration from the Japanese, and to choose a low-slung platform, or to ditch the bed-frame entirely, and to place your mattress directly on the floor (another no cost option). 

minimalist bedroom on a budget - choose a minimalist bed frame

Once you choose your bed frame, or lack thereof, you will have a guide for choosing the rest of your minimalist bedroom furniture.

4. Choose furniture with a clean, simple design 

Ditch bulky, heavy furniture, and instead opt for smooth, sleek, and airy pieces. Clean, simple design is the essence of minimalist furniture and it will help you achieve a soothing setting. The more you minimize, the smaller and simpler your furniture can be.

We actually have an article about minimalist mid-century modern bedside tables that may be inspiring to you.

5. Pick multipurpose furniture pieces

minimalist bedroom on a budget - pick multipurpose furniture pieces

Multipurpose pieces allow you to have less furniture in your bedroom, while fulfilling multiple functions. When picking pieces, consider choosing furniture that also serves another purpose. One way to do this is by choosing pieces that also have built in drawers, shelves, or lights. Another example is to have an ottoman at the end of your bed, that allows you to store your stuff out of sight, and can also be used as an added surface and seat. The less furniture in your bedroom, the better.

6. Choose neutral colors

Choose colors that are neutral, or stick to a specific shade of the same color (monochromatic). Too many colors, colors that clash, or busy patterns will instantly detract from the minimalist feel of the room. For example, whites, grays, and beiges are incredibly neutral. Choosing neutral colors also allows you to add a pop of color in the form of an accent wall or a plant. Keep this in mind when choosing furniture, linens, and even decorating the walls. Bed linens like these are neutral, yet beautifully and easily blend with minimalist furniture or accent colors.

7. Add a plant (or two!)

minimalist bedroom on a budget - add a plant or two

Having a plant in your bedroom adds a pop of color and livens the room, while incorporating natural beauty. Adding a plant can be especially appealing if you opt to paint or buy furniture and linens that are a neutral or a single shade. 

Your plant can be living or artificial, but a real plant has added benefits such as air purification, while fake flowers require less upkeep. 

A few suggestions for living bedroom plants are parlor palms, which thrive in little to no natural light, snake plants, which only require watering every couple of weeks, or an aloe vera plant which can be used to soothe cuts or burns.

A minimalist plant stand that blends with the colors of your bedroom will proudly display your chosen foliage on the floor, or you can choose a smaller plant that you place on a bedside table or shelf. When choosing a place for your plant, be careful not to overcrowd any furniture, shelves or art. Creating open space is one way to ensure a more minimalist look.

8. Capitalize on natural light 

minimalist bedroom on a budget - capitalize on natural light

Natural light benefits your body and uplifts your mood, along with brightening the room. This will make your bedroom look and feel larger and more open. Capitalizing on natural light eliminates the need for multiple lamps, along with adding extra visible space to the room. In minimalism, creating a more open space is essential. 

This can be achieved with no cost by simply opening or removing blinds, and making sure windows aren’t blocked. An inexpensive option is switching to sheer curtains, or opting for a window treatment that blends with the colors of the room and can allow in a lot of light.

9. Minimize what’s on the wall

minimalist bedroom on a budget - minimalize what's on the wall

Not only is it important to declutter what’s sitting on your furniture and what’s lying on the floor, you also need to declutter the wall. If you’re looking to display some small items, stick to a single shelf that matches the color of the furniture and walls, and make sure to limit what you put on the shelf. Or, skip the shelf, and opt to hang only a single, beloved work of art. I know that at one point, you likely covered every inch of your walls with posters and photos, but a minimalist look is achieved with hanging things strategically or hanging as little on your wall as possible. 

Before you hang anything on your bedroom wall, make sure you are accessorizing with purpose. Only include items that you truly love or are functional. Limiting what’s on your walls, or choosing to leave them completely bare can make an incredible impact on the look and feel of your bedroom. 

10. Add a full-length mirror

minimalist bedroom on a budget - add a full length mirror

Adding a full length mirror can immediately impact the look and feel of a room. Mirrors create the illusion of more space, can add more light if positioned to reflect sunlight from a window, and are a useful tool for getting dressed. The rule of thumb when it comes to mirrors is, the bigger the mirror, the more space it will create. 

Choosing a frameless mirror, or one with a frame that matches the other furniture in your bedroom is suggested.

Final Thoughts…

Your bedroom is the room in your home where you go to rest, and relax, and recharge. But that can be difficult to do when there is a lot of clutter, clashing colors or unorganized items strewn all around you. 

Creating a well organized, soothing space can be achieved by decluttering, minimizing, and choosing furniture that lends itself to a more simplistic, minimalist feel.  

Making these changes will have a significant impact on the aesthetics of your bedroom and may even have a positive impact on multiple other aspects of your life.