Minimalist Decorating on a Budget: Our Top Decorating Tips

Minimalist decorating on a budget - apartment living room

Minimalism in design is exactly what you would expect it to be. Living with less stuff, in a simply design home with clean, neat and uncluttered spaces. Even though the idea of minimalism is all about the less-is-more aesthetic, it also means spending less in your every day. That’s why we made a point to write an article about minimalist decorating on a budget.

The design theme rejects modern consumerism by not spending unnecessary money on décor items, only bringing in items that add functionality or simple, clean lines. It also makes use of what your home already possesses and turns something not necessarily meant for décor into a focal point of a room.

Every room in your home should add joy and value to your life, not stress you out with the shear amount of stuff you’ve accumulated over the years. Minimalism has been linked to better sleep, reduced anxiety and better focus and creativity. Don’t we all want a little more room to breathe in our lives?

If you’re looking to declutter your life and add some aesthetic appeal without breaking the bank, I’ve put together a list of ten tips to achieve a minimalist vibe without breaking the bank.  

1. Declutter

The first, and definitely most budget-friendly, tip on this list is to declutter your home. There are numerous benefits to this process and it is completely free! This can be a daunting task so if you’re looking for a way to start, consider checking out the KonMari Method, created by master organizer, Marie Kondo.

She has laid out a fool proof process of tidying up your life and living with less. A minimalist home definitely needs to be free of mess, so this tip is a must do.

2. Choose multi-functional furniture pieces


This one seems pretty straight forward. Multi-functional furniture pieces will allow you to have less clutter in your space by fulfilling various purposes. Whether it is an end table that also serves as a storage bin or a bedframe that has built-in shelves for more space to place things or built in lights so you can forego that table lamp.

When furniture shopping, try to look for pieces that can be used in multiple ways, like an ottoman or bench that doubles as extra storage. Check this one out that we found on Amazon. Your wallet will thank you!

3. Choose neutral colors

A minimalist atmosphere often adheres to neutral colors or one specific shade for a monochromatic look. By keeping the color palate relatively the same, you’ll save money and be able to add in pops of color in smaller doses.

This will also allow you to keep furniture pieces longer because the tones are neutral and therefore will be likely to stay in style longer and not overwhelm the room with too much color or pattern. I don’t know about you but I get sick of interior décor that is too loud fairly quickly!

4. Repurpose what you already have

Already have some minimalist pieces that you love but could use a little revamping? Instead of getting rid of these items for newer things, try repurposing them! Now, there’s no doubt that revamping your old pieces will be way less exciting than waiting for all of your new goodies to arrive.

However, with some hard-work and craftiness, your old pieces will soon become your most beloved “new” additions to your space.

I’m sure I don’t need to explain to you how this will help keep more ‘dough in your pocket. Have an old chair that needs some new life? Try reupholstering it in a new, neutral tone fabric. Instead of paying the cost of an entirely new chair, you’re only shelling out a few bucks for new fabric and you get to practice your crafting skills! Win, win.

5. Take advantage of natural light


There are so many positives about this one, besides saving money. Natural light is good for your mental health and makes your home look inviting and warm. It also opens up a space and makes the room feel and look larger without blowing out one of your walls and making an addition to your home.

Opening up a room is essential to minimalism. This can be achieved in numerous, low budget ways. If you really want to capitalize on natural light and your home allows for it, take down curtains or blinds to permit as much sunlight entering the room as possible.

If you still want more light coming in but like the look and feel curtains add to the room, try out a more sheer fabric that allows light to come through but still keeps some privacy as well. The lighter curtains cost significantly less than patterned or black out curtains. Check out some options for curtains on Amazon! We love these stylish Macrame curtains!

6. Don’t overcrowd your walls with art or knick-knacks

minimal wall art

This tip definitely captures the idea of less is more. If your walls are over-crowded, the room will look and feel suffocating and create a sense of chaotic energy. Go through all of the things you have currently on your walls and ask yourself if they really add anything to your space in terms of visual appeal and function.

You can donate anything you don’t want anymore. If you need to purchase items for your wall, be sure to really do some planning before you shop so you can get a few pieces for each room that will fit the wall space perfectly!

Choose items that align with the minimal vibe you’re trying to achieve, or stick to. Instead of multiple shelves on your wall, stick to one and only place a few things on it. Stick to one piece of art per room.

Because you’re hanging less, by association, you’ll end up spending less on useless junk. Also, see tip number four. If you have pieces of art or knick-knacks you love, give them a little love and repurpose them! There’s nothing like beautiful, yet simple, wall art. Check out this succulent painting we found on Amazon!

7. Hide or consolidate your cables


There’s nothing that creates “visual clutter” more than messy, exposed cables. This is a super cheap and quick-fix way to make your space look decluttered instantly. In today’s modern world of cable boxes, gaming consoles, iPhones, and every other kind of technology you can think of, we are bombarded with more wires and extensions cords than we can handle.

Nothing looks more messy or disorganized than a tangle of cords hanging down behind your tv stand, clearly visible for everyone that enters your home.

The most simple way to consolidate your cords is to buy some zip ties and bunch as many as you can together and tuck them away so they’re hidden. If you want a little more professional looking option, you can buy a pack of cable covers that are cost effective and can fit right in with your minimalist décor.

8. Add in a plant


I am a firm believer that every home needs a few plants to add to the décor. It livens up the space with natural appeal and introduces some color without being too overbearing. Now, you might be thinking, “I can’t keep a plant alive to save my life.”

Have no fear. I can’t either. There are plenty of realistic-looking fake plants out there that are budget-friendly.

Some suggestions for easy plants, if you want to go the real route, are ZZ plants, Cacti, or Aloe Vera. All are seriously low maintenance and look minimalistic. One of my personal favorites for a nice-looking, fake plant is a fiddle fig tree.

They are very modern looking and you can find them almost anywhere that sells fake or real plants (like Amazon)!

9. Add a simple table or wall clock


If you want to add some visual interest that looks classic to your nightstand or wall, consider finding a simple clock to add to your collection. Not only does it look classic, but it is also functional because it tells you the time. Duh! There are plenty of cheap options online and in stores.

10. Purchase a full-length mirror

floor mirror

A mirror can give the illusion that a room or space is much bigger than it actually is. It also can add more natural light, if positioned correctly and is useful in so many ways when getting ready for the day or a night out.

Consider adding in a budget-friendly, full length mirror to add to your décor and functionality of your space.

The bigger the mirror the bigger the illusion of space that it creates. Try to find a mirror that has a frame that matches your other furniture or wall color to keep in line with the idea of minimalism.

In Closing…

Interior décor, especially minimalist interior décor, can easily be done on any budget! You just have to find simple ways to save money where you can and splurge on larger items when necessary.

There are so many brands and items out there that cater to this minimalistic lifestyle that it should be no problem finding multifunctional furniture for cheap or to gather inspiration from for repurposing old items.

Your home should be your sanctuary. Your place to relax and unwind from the stresses of the day. The best way to create this for yourself is through reorganizing, repurposing and making sure your décor is up-to-snuff with those simplistic ideals in mind.

Hopefully, with this list of wallet-friendly tips, you’ll be able to construct a home that is any minimalists dream. Leave your comments below!