5 Minimalist Floating Wall Shelves That We Absolutely Love!

minimalist floating wall shelves

You might think that minimalists wouldn’t have much need for storage space, right? What with the lifestyle being all about keeping things simple and clean and having only what you need in your home. What could you possibly have that would require shelving if you’re a minimalist? Minimalists have nick-knacks and other sentimental items that they want to proudly display, just like any other person.

If you lead a minimal lifestyle and are looking for shelving to curate a cozy little display of your most treasured curios, there are plenty of options out there. Floating shelves are often a fan favorite amongst those in the minimalist world.

Floating shelves are a great option for spaces that you want to keep looking clean and understated but that also has some extra wall space that you want to fill up. Not only are they great for storing items on, but they can also act as a creative décor piece themselves.

With so many beautiful options out there on the market, it can be hard to decide which one to go with. That’s why I have put together a list of some of the best floating wall shelves to add some pizzazz to your home and keep your little minimalist heart happy!

Imperative Décor Floating Shelves

If your minimalist style leans a little towards an antique or rustic feel, these floating shelves just might be the perfect fit for you! These sleek, rough-cut shelves will add a modern and rustic feel to any room you choose to mount them in. Place them in your bathroom to store candles, plants, or hand towels on or hang these shelves in your kitchen and use them for your best family photos or even as extra storage for all of your cooking spices and herbs.

You don’t have to be a handyman to install these shelves either. All the hardware you need is included and you don’t even need a drill to hang them, just a screwdriver should do the trick. Each shelf, when installed properly, can hold up to 20lbs of your favorite items and the brackets are powder coated to prevent any rusting from occurring.

However, should something go wrong with the shelves, they come with a lifetime warranty and great customer service 24/7. Each of the shelves are handmade and hand-stained and the lumber all comes from the mountains in the northeast. They come in a few different stains and there are no visible screws or brackets so they are perfect for that minimalistic look!

Bayka Floating Shelves

The next shelves on my list are a bit more modern in style than the previous option. These shelves can serve as a focal point on your wall without anything else added to them if that’s what you wish! They add a decorative touch to your home just themselves but also create an extra storage space for anything you wish to place on them.

Made out of Paulownia wood boards and matte metal brackets, these shelves are the perfect addition to your bathroom, kitchen or living room. Although the shelves come with industrial triangle metal brackets, they are still super minimal in look and feel and come in a lighter white/gray wood or a traditional natural wood. You can pick and choose which size you need depending on how much wall space you have to fill. They come in large (16.5×6×4.8 inches), medium (14.2×6×4.8 inches), small (11.4×6×4.8 inches).

One of the best features of these shelves, in my opinion, is the ability to change how you mount them. The unique triangle brackets can be mounted on the wall with the boards on top of the brackets or underneath, giving each shelf a unique look tailored to your liking. Order multiple and hang them in different ways to create some visual interest before you even fill them with your personal items!

Excello Rustic Industrial Floating Shelves

It seems that there has been a boom recently in industrial modern styles in homes. These shelves are the perfect fit for any minimalists that live in a loft or want to add a little industrial feel to their space without over-cluttering.

These industrial style shelves come with black cast iron water pipes that get assembled in a zig-zag pattern but can be turned in different directions depending on your special needs. The shelves, much like the previous ones on my list, could be a creative art piece all on their own, but the cast iron pipes and reclaimed wood boards are super durable and are able to withstand a higher weight capacity than any other shelf on this list.

They’re perfect for all of your most precious photos, trip memorabilia, or family heirlooms. The shelves measure 11.8 x 24 x 11 inches and weigh around 25lbs., so you can trust that you won’t run out space to store items and they will be held up safely and securely!

Kate and Laurel Melora Corner Wall Shelf

This next shelving unit is certainly the most intricate in design but still maintains a sense of minimalism. The shelf features a beautiful gold, metal bracket and crisp, clean white-painted shelf boards giving it a soft modern glam style. The dimensions are 36-inches tall x 22-inches wide and there is 6-inches of vertical space in between each shelf.

The sophisticated geometric design holds the six wooden shelf boards for a chic sculptured look and has plenty of room for your succulents or picture frames! The best part about this shelf is that it was created to fit in the corners of a room rather than flush against a flat wall. It is a great way to fill up some often-overlooked space and add some visual interest to any room. This could be the perfect addition to a bathroom or use it as extra storage for your crystal glassware in your dining room.

Another added bonus of this shelf is that it comes already fully assembled and ready to install on your wall, so no need to fuss over which screw goes where and which bracket attaches to what shelf board. With its clean lines and gold metal and bright white shelves, it is the perfect minimalist piece to add to your home!

Fox & Fern Floating Wall Shelves

The final shelf on my list is a modular design that screams minimalism without being boring. The unique combination of walnut wood and a black coated metal frame that comes together at a 90-degree angle creates the illusion of a three-dimensional picture frame on your wall.

Anything you place on these shelves will instantly become a piece of art come to life. You can mix and match these units to your liking as they come in a few different sizes and varieties, from small to large and wide and double shelves that are vertically stacked on one bracket.

You could leave these shelves as is on your wall as a piece of art and rearrange them for different looks or fill them up with your favorite knick-knacks. And, should you not love the shelves you ordered or have an issue with them, they come with a 10-year warranty and easy returns.

Floating Wall Shelves: A Buyers Guide


The first thing when deciding on what minimalist floating shelves to buy is the price. You certainly do not need to break the bank to get high-quality shelves that will look great and be sturdy enough to hold almost anything you wish you place on them.

A few things will affect the price, such as, what type of wood was used, the metal of the brackets, warranties, and how they were manufactured. Take a look at all of those factors when determining what price you are willing to pay for your new, beautiful shelves!


The brand is another huge factor you should consider when purchasing shelving. Not only will it affect the price of your items but it will greatly affect the quality you can expect out of them. Look for brands that have a long-standing history of great customer service, good reviews and brand recognition.

Any brand that is worth its salt will have withstood the test of time and have great quality control and will have happy customers to show for it.

Look and Functionality

Lastly, consider what exactly you wish to use the shelves for and what room you will be placing them in. Will you be using the shelves purely as an art piece on their own? Or will you be utilizing the storage space and placing your treasured items on them for a beautifully curated display?

This will help you determine what style and look of shelving you want and how sturdy you need them to be.


As stated previously, just because minimalists choose to lead a decluttered lifestyle does not mean that they don’t have items they wish to display or need some extra storage space. Floating shelves are the perfect option for a minimal space due to their clean lines and the lack of floor-space that they occupy.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this list and any suggestions you might have for other wonderfully simple floating shelves!